*1986 – 20xx

Simon Herkner

2022 | Blinds, Thread, Acrylic paint, Round Loop, PVC Film, LED Strips, Styrofoam, Glass | 04.06. - 03.08.2022

The staging of expansive installations is the basis of my artistic working practice. I am interested in the individual object, the arrangement and relationship of objects in space as well as the exhibition space itself.

Simon Herkner (*1986 in Stuttgart, Germany) lives and works in Stuttgart. He is a state-certified graphic designer and completed his Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication at the Pforzheim University of Design in 2010 and his diploma in Visual Arts in the class of Prof. Reto Boller at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart in 2021. He exhibited at the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, the Künstlerhaus Ulm and the Kunstverein Marburg, among others. The Gallery Elisabeth & Reinhard Hauff showed his work for the first time in 2021 in the group exhibition “Old” Masters and is now presenting his first solo exhibition Bacchanal with him in 2022.