Limbe Botanical Garden, 1:600, 1896

Ella den Elzen

20.09.2023 - 15.05.2024

On the special occasion of CURRENT – Art and Urban Space Ella den Elzen addeed an artwork to the display of objects found in nature by the artists of the previous exhibitions in WUNDERKAMMER – NATURALIA I ARTIFICIALIA Ventilation, hydration, and humidity systems regulate the false environment of the botanical garden. Within its glass-encased wrought-iron… Continue reading Limbe Botanical Garden, 1:600, 1896

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Mélissa Marieller

20.09. – 24.09.2023

On the occasion of CURRENT – Art and Urban Space, Mélissa Mariller adds works from the series Verkehrsstücke to the collection of utilitarian objects from Swabian middle-class households in the WUNDERKAMMER – NATURALIA I ARTIFICIALIA Mélissa Mariller’s work lies at the intersection of design and contemporary art. The fusion of these two fields creates objects… Continue reading Verkehrsstücke

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The trouble with disorderly detail

Ella den Elzen

20.09.2023 - 16.03.2024

The trouble with disorderly detail Aluminum lightboxes with laser cut aluminum frames 60 cm x 100 cm x 20 cm The trouble with disorderly detail (sound) Audio Composer / sound designer: Alice Z. Jones Taken from Cameroon, undated Archival photograph printed on backlit transparency film 25 cm x 32 cm Taken from Cameroon, undated Archival… Continue reading The trouble with disorderly detail

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A Squawking Showcase And Other Parrot Tales

Carlos „Marilyn“ Monroy

20.09.2023 - 16.03.2024

In artistic collaboration with: Camilo Bojaca and Nicolas Vicaino – Diorama Painting, Alse Design – Costume Based in a study of a flock of wild Amazon parrots sighting in the Stuttgart metropolitan area since 1984 – in between Bad Cannstatt and the Schloss Rosenstein area – the project Schwäbische Amazonen plans the development and execution… Continue reading A Squawking Showcase And Other Parrot Tales

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Children of Pebbles 

Neil Luck, Boris Müller, Mateusz Ścibor, Monika Czyżyk

21.07. – 20.09.2023

Children of Pebbles, the Neolithic protagonists of rustic music wave resurface for a one-off showcase at WUNDERKAMMER – NATURALIA / ARTIFICIALIA. Defying the limits of primitive existence the band members combine their experiences across the past 6000 years, forging the path through what got lost along the way. “We embrace the discontinuous, temporary wealth of… Continue reading Children of Pebbles 

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An Archaeology of the Coming 

Alexander Sowa

05.08. – 16.09.2023

Now, in review, the two videos are plays on thoughts of “relativity” and a confusion of scales. At the time, I was annoyed by the ever present “working with space”, since everything – including art – always indirectly has to do with some kind of space. The phenomenological abbreviation of space as a place of… Continue reading An Archaeology of the Coming 

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Glimmering Gleanings 

Luana Lojić

02.06. – 22.07.2023

Glimmering Gleanings is the second part of the storytelling performance To Fortell a Being’s Cast, an exploratory fiction about the loudness of animal’s vocal chords embodying danger and pleasure, (fore)told through acts of guided attentions, memories, songs, and truth-fluid facts. The autofictional stories I presented are dreams about animal sentiments, remnants of the animal within… Continue reading Glimmering Gleanings 

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leave everything behind

Anna Raczynska

08.04. – 03.06.2023

Anna Raczynska, born in 1990 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, studied sculpture at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art in Wroclaw (2010 – 2015) and media art at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig (2018 – 2021). After graduating, she worked as a freelance artist, awarded with international residencies in France, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Bulgaria, among… Continue reading leave everything behind

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Lonesome Rover

Flaviu Rogojan

04.03. - 13.05.2023

This Sony AIBO is a robotic pet, now twenty-two years old. Produced at the turn of the millennium, in 2001, it was at the forefront of consumer electronic technology with features such as AI learning, computer vision, owners’ voice recognition, and even Wi-Fi connectivity. Designed to develop an individual character based on its environment and… Continue reading Lonesome Rover

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Towards {Moss} Citizenship 48°47’N 9°04′”E

Towards Species Citizenship

18.02. - 06.04.2023

Moss : [division Bryophyta], any of at least 12,000 species of small nonvascular spore-bearing land plants{Encyclopaedia Britannica} Moss is 450 million years young, the very first land plant and survivor of temperatures between -272ºC and100ºC in dormancy. Omnipresent, often overlooked, spore-spreading root-lessly rhizoiding and hairymicrohabitat-maker. A cooling influence, a stabiliser and regenerator of soils after deforestation and… Continue reading Towards {Moss} Citizenship 48°47’N 9°04′”E

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Coreopsis c(h)amp

Stefanie Salzmann

17.12.2022 - 11.02.2023

The colours of the work were partly grown in the artist’s garden. The orange comes from the flower Coreopsis and is the central actor among the dyes. Opposite her is a wasabi green which, although not derived from this plant but from indigo and reseda, has inspired root-like forms. The colours line up, overlap and… Continue reading Coreopsis c(h)amp

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Dirk Reimes

12.11.2022 - 07.01.2023

At the original Greek symposion, there was a lot of boozing. But not only that: there was eating, dancing, singing, philosophising. People enjoyed physical and intellectual delights, in and as a community. However, this also reflected an extremely patriarchal society: only free citizens – that is men – were allowed to take part. Women (and… Continue reading Symposion

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I used to be a mountain

Sofia Lomba

29.10. - 16.12.2022

In a trance of repetition, Sofia Lomba creates series of drawings around, inside and about body, producing images that are placed somewhere between flower studies and genitalia, between plants and flesh. Blurring autobiography and art, having her own body as the protagonist, she explores gender and identity issues, body transformations, pregnancy, sexuality and its representations. Further in… Continue reading I used to be a mountain

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Uneven Green

Camila de Caux, Eric Macedo und Nico

17.09. - 12.11.2022

figure/ground, 2022. Camila de Caux and Nico. installation, collection of objects, archival box, watercolors, and poems on index cards. The Dark Forest, 2022. Eric Macedo. digital photography on paper, 45 cm x 30 cm each. If every forest is the sky, 2022. Eric Macedo. digital photography on fabric. Uneven Green, 2022. Camila de Caux, Eric Macedo, and… Continue reading Uneven Green

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Going Tinder Fungal

Christina Maria Pfeifer

20.08. - 15.10.2022

Going Tinder Fungal presents works from artistic research on the tinder fungus (lat. Fomes fomentarius), which concedes the non-human world of fungi its own perspective. Art and nature no longer form a hierarchical dichotomy, but intra-act and entangle here in terms of form and content, and animate each other. The focus is on the tree sponge itself,… Continue reading Going Tinder Fungal

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There’s nothing u can show me from behind the wall

erre erre

02.06. - 20.08.2022

From the series a f*cking heavy head f*cking heavy head is an ongoing series that started in 2022 at Akademie Schloss Solitude.The series unfolds through a combination of images referencing the head as a symbolic representation of the binary mind. This mind is mapped as a conflicting and multi-layered territory, distinct knowledges overlapping within it’s emotional, spiritual,… Continue reading There’s nothing u can show me from behind the wall

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*1986 – 20xx

Simon Herkner

04.06. - 03.08.2022

The staging of expansive installations is the basis of my artistic working practice. I am interested in the individual object, the arrangement and relationship of objects in space as well as the exhibition space itself. Simon Herkner (*1986 in Stuttgart, Germany) lives and works in Stuttgart. He is a state-certified graphic designer and completed his Bachelor… Continue reading *1986 – 20xx

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Hunters and Gatherers

Valentino Berndt

28.05. - 25.06.2022

With the piece Hunters and Gatherers, the use of new technologies in hunting and collecting food is made the subject of attention. Cybernetics (Greek: κυβερνητικός kybernetikos, “control-manly”) plays a central role here, because the tools used, VR goggles and the drone controlled over them, show the communication between man and machine in a pictorial way. It… Continue reading Hunters and Gatherers

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I Feel Uncanny When You Touch Me There


12.03. - 14.05.2022

It is about my vulnerable life in the last 6 months, which have been:

1. placed in the virtual world most of time, working as an artist,
2. switched the psychological servers constantly,
3. having uncanny sex.

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Shop window stocked and arranged by the owner of the former bed house.

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Categorised as Concept

are you profitable

Florian Model

14.01. – 12.03.2022

With the installation „are you profitable?“ by Florian Model the artist asks major questions regarding human labor and therefore live as individuals in a capitalist society. It feels like an ironic, fatalistic and sad comment on valuation of Human Resources and how individuals evaluate their own resources themselves. He simply uses a device known from advertising, the stock market and road traffic to provide his message.

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Untitled (zebra finch nest)

Björn Braun

12.02. – 16.04.2022

Björn Braun’s work is based on the process of transformation: In a synthesis of appending and removing the artist generates pictures, collages, objects and installations, which shift between natural formation and artificial shaping. For Braun, paper, wood, fibres and feathers in different manifestations – as industrially produced textiles or as articles found in nature –… Continue reading Untitled (zebra finch nest)

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Alicja Wysocka

11.12.2021 – 12.02.2022

She had a smile made with a marker
my mum cut her out
and her hands did attach
and her belly filled with rugs

I was a bit afraid of her
she had white sheet face because she was Lady Winter
so she was bad
white cold sheet dress

I don‘t remember but
They went by the river
They set her on fire and threw her into the river
Her head roll off the stick

White sheet became brown
Paper hands dissolved in the water
Did they scream for help?

Here Morana was
fertility and harvest goddess back in the days
of the cycle of rebirth and death
What did they do to her?

Oh Morana, poor Morana
Oh Morana, poor Morana
we will undrown you
we anoint you

Oh Morana, poor Morana
Oh Morana, poor Morana
we will undrown you
we anoint you

Text by Alicja Wysocka

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Johannes Hugo Stoll

13.11.2021 – 15.01.2022

With the installation Wundertüte, Johannes Hugo Stoll shows the results of his collaboration with his father. The project began when his father asked his son if he would make a death mask of him. He agreed on the condition that both of them would make masks of each other. As a result, two bronze casts were created with the title Bronze Wrapped Bubble. The cooperation led to further works in different media: an audio recording of the two singing in the shower and four video works. The latter use different stylistic means, partly abstract and partly documentary, to tell of the father-son relationship and the process of developing a joint work of art.

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Unsteady Consistency

Alba García i Allué

16.10. – 11.12.2021

Once the skin of the apple has been scratched, oxidation processes are triggered by contact with the oxygen in the air. The smell of fermentation attracts destructors and the apple soon loses its shape. Life always demands interaction, and this presupposes the instability and changeability of bodies. In the same way, one’s self-image is formed through communication with others or it dissolves. The senses, too, need exchange; consequently, convictions falter and evaporate, like matter.

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