Children of Pebbles 

Neil Luck, Boris Müller, Mateusz Ścibor, Monika Czyżyk

2023 | Installation | 21.07. – 20.09.2023

Children of Pebbles, the Neolithic protagonists of rustic music wave resurface for a one-off showcase at WUNDERKAMMER – NATURALIA / ARTIFICIALIA. Defying the limits of primitive existence the band members combine their experiences across the past 6000 years, forging the path through what got lost along the way. “We embrace the discontinuous, temporary wealth of the Stone Age, the ultimate craft era (in opposition to cumulative, industrialised wealth)”

Led by a charismatic Monika Czyżyk, a network of close friends, pets, objects and forest spirits, form a group that draws from the rhythms of stone formations, mycelial frequencies and animal mating cells. In the current line-up of Neil Luck, Boris Müller, Mateusz Ścibor, Monika Czyżyk the art, music, image and gesture makings cross-infiltrate and blend in a horizontal, de-hierarchical manner – “producing soups” as she calls it – “All the stones are in water”.

“Consider that – we come from a common source. Listen to the rocks and look at them, like you look in a mirror and see your face, the one you had before our species came to exist. We are the hands of stones that we used to be.”

The exhibition will open and close with a performative act. 

Exhibition features:

Track 01:
Boris Müller, Lithosphere, percussive instruments, stones, shells, coconut shell, 1998 – 2023

Track 02:
Mateusz Ścibor with Monika Czyżyk, XPWJTQGMFCNNG, lenticular print, 70 × 80 cm

Track 03:
Neil Luck, Henge Class Dance Party

Track 04:
Monika Czyżyk, Everybody wants to be Boris, drawings, digital and clay drawing

Track 05:
Objects from personal collection (Cyanotype prints, Ceramic, Clay paintings, Magical objects, Bronze harness)

Track 06:
Mateusz Ścibor, Safety Protocol, digital print 28 × 36 cm, 2022