Glimmering Gleanings 

Luana Lojić

2023 | Glass-Objects, Video, Sound | 02.06. – 22.07.2023

Glimmering Gleanings is the second part of the storytelling performance To Fortell a Being’s Cast, an exploratory fiction about the loudness of animal’s vocal chords embodying danger and pleasure, (fore)told through acts of guided attentions, memories, songs, and truth-fluid facts. The autofictional stories I presented are dreams about animal sentiments, remnants of the animal within me, as well as numerous digressions due to my attention disorder.

In its nature, To Fortell a Being’s Cast is a sand structure with occasional fatamorganas formed as gifts of affection. The animal Luana feels drawn to small and shiny objects. This feeling is primal as bodily present, and upon closer investigation, it entangles instincts of collection, theft, decoration, and ornamentation.

„When I ventured into the medium of glass in 2021, I felt immediate responses from colleagues and friends to the small forms I created, receiving orders overnight. The jewelry I made to cover rent and life expenses allowed me to spend time with the material and learn about its glimmering allure. As no other medium I have engaged in before has provoked such reactions, I began to study the instinct of collecting miniature glittering objects. Whilst making them, I develop exercises of guided attentions (or noticing sensations that arise from tiny, organic and shiny surrounding forms). I learn this attraction has now muted to the cult of objects, still present in the form of consumerist embellishment. I delve into shine’s agency as a pleasureful sensuous consequence.“

Luana Lojić (Pula, Croatia 1991) imagines sensory data as a wide, autonomous, free, chaotic, elastic and promiscuous being, making no hierarchical difference between words and shapes, videos, sound sculptures or drawings. 

She obsesses over media translations, hyper-informational dust dialogues, delicate entities and love gestures in a time of viruses and debts. One of her biggest dreams is to recycle all her works forever, until no sensual waste remains. She shares her life with her dog Ulla and constitutes one sixth of the art collective Ljubavnice (the Lovers).