I used to be a mountain

Sofia Lomba

2022 | Acrilyc on Silk, Two-channel loop soundtrack by Sara Pereira | 29.10. - 16.12.2022

In a trance of repetition, Sofia Lomba creates series of drawings around, inside and about body, producing images that are placed somewhere between flower studies and genitalia, between plants and flesh. Blurring autobiography and art, having her own body as the protagonist, she explores gender and identity issues, body transformations, pregnancy, sexuality and its representations. Further in their aesthetic, they would recall taxonomies of some kind. Lomba is particularly interested in how the existing sex-gender industrial compleax produces and reproduces bodies according to an ideal of male/female forms, and how these are produced, varied, but also policed by the production of normative codes of gender aesthetics, of recognition, which allow subjects to default towards identities as male or female, hetero or homo, cis or trans.

Sofia Lomba (b.1984, Porto) lives in Berlin. Lomba’s drawings have been shown at Espaço MIRA and Galeria Lehmann+Silva, Porto, BHR OX, District, General Public in Exile at Meinblau, Berlin. She has been collaborating with Discoteca Flaming Star, performing live at District, FFT Düsseldorf, Ausland, Savvy Contemporary, Teatro del Barrio Madrid, Arthur Boskamp Foundation. Lomba has also collaborated with Grawa Böckler for CTM in Berghain and Wojciech Kosma as part of The Family at Galerie Kamm.