Unsteady Consistency

Alba García i Allué

2021 | Plastic from apple, vessels, plant parts, video, text, mono sound | 16.10. – 11.12.2021

Once the skin of the apple has been scratched, oxidation processes are triggered by contact with the oxygen in the air. The smell of fermentation attracts destructors and the apple soon loses its shape. Life always demands interaction, and this presupposes the instability and changeability of bodies. In the same way, one’s self-image is formed through communication with others or it dissolves. The senses, too, need exchange; consequently, convictions falter and evaporate, like matter.

Alba García i Allué

In her artistic investigation, Alba García i Allué focuses on the cultural boundaries that constitute an object as a specific and independent entity in its environment and the mutual references and hierarchies they assert through their inherent materialities. She is interested in those elements that reveal the points of contact and intersection between bodies and thus reveal their interdependence. Dealing with the body as the object of their engagement (its materiality and vulnerability with which it interacts in the ecosystem) and its meaning (the cultural connections that make such interaction possible) informs their work. Her installations manifest the results of her research, consisting of a physical-organic and transforming part in correlation with a textual-discursive element.