I Feel Uncanny When You Touch Me There


12.03. - 14.05.2022

It is about my vulnerable life in the last 6 months, which have been:

1. placed in the virtual world most of time, working as an artist,
2. switched the psychological servers constantly,
3. having uncanny sex.

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Shop window stocked and arranged by the owner of the former bed house.

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are you profitable

Florian Model

14.01. – 12.03.2022

With the installation „are you profitable?“ by Florian Model the artist asks major questions regarding human labor and therefore live as individuals in a capitalist society. It feels like an ironic, fatalistic and sad comment on valuation of Human Resources and how individuals evaluate their own resources themselves. He simply uses a device known from advertising, the stock market and road traffic to provide his message.

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Untitled (zebra finch nest)

Björn Braun

12.02. – 16.04.2022

Björn Braun’s work is based on the process of transformation: In a synthesis of appending and removing the artist generates pictures, collages, objects and installations, which shift between natural formation and artificial shaping. For Braun, paper, wood, fibres and feathers in different manifestations – as industrially produced textiles or as articles found in nature –… Continue reading Untitled (zebra finch nest)

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Alicja Wysocka

11.12.2021 – 12.02.2022

She had a smile made with a marker
my mum cut her out
and her hands did attach
and her belly filled with rugs

I was a bit afraid of her
she had white sheet face because she was Lady Winter
so she was bad
white cold sheet dress

I don‘t remember but
They went by the river
They set her on fire and threw her into the river
Her head roll off the stick

White sheet became brown
Paper hands dissolved in the water
Did they scream for help?

Here Morana was
fertility and harvest goddess back in the days
of the cycle of rebirth and death
What did they do to her?

Oh Morana, poor Morana
Oh Morana, poor Morana
we will undrown you
we anoint you

Oh Morana, poor Morana
Oh Morana, poor Morana
we will undrown you
we anoint you

Text by Alicja Wysocka

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Johannes Hugo Stoll

13.11.2021 – 15.01.2022

With the installation Wundertüte, Johannes Hugo Stoll shows the results of his collaboration with his father. The project began when his father asked his son if he would make a death mask of him. He agreed on the condition that both of them would make masks of each other. As a result, two bronze casts were created with the title Bronze Wrapped Bubble. The cooperation led to further works in different media: an audio recording of the two singing in the shower and four video works. The latter use different stylistic means, partly abstract and partly documentary, to tell of the father-son relationship and the process of developing a joint work of art.

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Unsteady Consistency

Alba García i Allué

16.10. – 11.12.2021

Once the skin of the apple has been scratched, oxidation processes are triggered by contact with the oxygen in the air. The smell of fermentation attracts destructors and the apple soon loses its shape. Life always demands interaction, and this presupposes the instability and changeability of bodies. In the same way, one’s self-image is formed through communication with others or it dissolves. The senses, too, need exchange; consequently, convictions falter and evaporate, like matter.

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