I Feel Uncanny When You Touch Me There


2022 | 3 Channels Video Installation with Sound by Aimy Moon, Team Zero, Chanjae Park | 12.03. - 14.05.2022

It is about my vulnerable life in the last 6 months, which have been:

  1. placed in the virtual world most of time, working as an artist,
  2. switched the psychological servers constantly
  3. having uncanny sex.

TZUSOO imagines a future in which the human soul is uploaded to computers.
From an anthropological point of view, she explores how the physiological world is attracted and influenced by the virtual. 
Through her artistic practice that addresses the queerness of the human body, gender, and human rights in a digital generation, TZUSOO creates a place where all forms of existence can freely coexist.
TZUSOO is also known as a music video director who has collaborated with renowned musicians such as Rim Kim, Lil Cherry, Tri.be and SAAY.